The Wisdom Walk at Conference House Park is a collaborative mindfulness project initiated by the Conference House Association in collaboration with NYC Parks-Conference House Park and the Tottenville Historical Society with funding support from the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs.

Respecting that November is National Native American Heritage Month, the Walk is intended to honor, remember and focus on the Indigenous people who called this land home. Specifically, here in Tottenville and on Staten Island, they were the Lenape or Delaware, who spoke Munsee. Their descendants today include the Delaware Nation, The Delaware Tribe of Indians and Stockbridge-Munsee Community of Mohicans. 

The quotes selected focus on three themes found here in the Park: Land, Sea and Trees. The ones presented here are not necessarily Lenape-Munsee but represent Native American wisdom and sayings that have been recorded and survived. 

We hope visitors along the walk will enjoy a deep appreciation for this beautiful land that Native Americans called home. Parts of the site are protected and designated National and City Historical Landmarks.


Additional information is available at Native American Heritage Month



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